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Below are our Teens Talk workbook series that use literature and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help teens express themselves about a variety of personal and social issues while boosting their vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.

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Teens Talk Latin & Greek – This back-to-basics book boosts students’ vocabulary skills by introducing them to Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes.  Download all the three parts, (Prefixes, suffixes, and roots).

Teens Talk Shakespeare – Does your teen dread studying the Bard? This workbook will change all that. By analyzing passages from Shakespeare’s most famous works and relating them to modern-day life, your child will develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the plays and sonnets.

Teens Talk Poems – Classic American poems come to life in this workbook designed to make poetry accessible to teens.

Teens Talk Business – Concrete answers to commonly asked questions by teens about entrepreneurship.

C O M I N G   S O O N !

Teens Talk Poetry – Bring out the poet in your children by reading other children’s poems ages 7-17.

Teens Talk Through Writing–Various engaging writing exercises to improve grammar and self-expression.

Teens Talk Speeches – The words of our country’s greatest historical figures are as inspiring and relevant as ever. Teens Talk Speeches introduces students to some of these speeches and develops their analytical skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Teens Talk Against Hate–Historically relevant poems, excerpts, speeches, to educate our youth on how hate causes destruction, and to speak against it.

Teens Talk For Passion–Historically relevant stories of people who made a difference in our world.

Teens Talk Through Critical Thinking–Various engaging thinking exercises to improve student’s thinking skills.

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  1. Diana Yunga says:

    My name is Diana Yunga and I just wanted to know about your reading program. My son is in 1st grade and 2 weeks ago I got a letter of promotion in doubt I asked his teacher and she said he is behind on reading and in math his 50/50.

    I wanted to know how your program works the days you offer the programs the cost etc.

    Thank you for your time.

    Diana Yunga

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