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Below are our Teens Talk workbook series that use literature and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to help teens express themselves about a variety of personal and social issues while boosting their vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.

Teens Talk Latin & Greek – This back-to-basics book boosts students’ vocabulary skills by introducing them to Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes.  Download all the three parts, (Prefixes, suffixes, and roots).

Teens Talk Shakespeare – Does your teen dread studying the Bard? This workbook will change all that. By analyzing passages from Shakespeare’s most famous works and relating them to modern-day life, your child will develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the plays and sonnets.

Teens Talk Poems – Classic American poems come to life in this workbook designed to make poetry accessible to teens.


28 Feb 2012, 10:26am
by Diana Yunga


My name is Diana Yunga and I just wanted to know about your reading program. My son is in 1st grade and 2 weeks ago I got a letter of promotion in doubt I asked his teacher and she said he is behind on reading and in math his 50/50.

I wanted to know how your program works the days you offer the programs the cost etc.

Thank you for your time.

Diana Yunga



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